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Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service

The re-imagining, redesign and rebuild of the website to meet ambitious goals for safety and prevention while fulfilling statutory and accessibility obligations.

Personalised Beanz for the nation


Corporate Website


The requirement was to amalgamate two existing sites and address the client team's goals for user experience, accessibility and ease of administration in a modern, informative site which met a number of statutory obligations in a clear and easily navigable format. The site has a duty to hold comprehensive Fire Authority information and make it accessible to the wider public, as well as MPs, journalists and other interested parties, along with information of a more immediate ‘prevention, protection and response’ nature.

Recruitment, previously a separate site, was to be incorporated in the new site in its own section, but within a 'holistic' approach whereby the whole site demonstrates that Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service is a ‘great place to work’.

The CMS had to allow quick, easy changes in response to analytics and feedback, enabling administrators to create content and pages with a high degree of flexibility while not compromising the design.


We redesigned user flows to meet the key objectives of ‘explain/educate’ and a strong emphasis on prevention. Leveraging the popularity of incidents to drive traffic to corresponding information on prevention, we developed a ‘Safety Hub’, where information is readily accessible. For the Authority area, meeting minutes, records and other documents are available for download, a document management and versioning system for administrators ensuring each document is always the latest version.

An easy-to-use and intuitive CMS is arranged in clearly defined areas, with client administrative teams responsible for each area of the site only seeing that area and custom Editor and Author roles controlling who can publish. Elements of the published content are automatically displayed in different areas throughout the site, thus helping to streamline content creation for administrators and providing users with multiple ways to explore and find content.

Final Product

The result is a dynamic, engaging, easy-to-use and navigate, highly searchable website which supports the aims, obligations and values of the Service and the Authority, whilst providing a flexible and efficient solution for the administrators. We undertook a comprehensive training programme for the various administrative teams to ensure that they are self-sufficient. 

Ongoing Management and Support

Our Heldesk team provides 24/7 support for the site and are on hand to answer queries, make minor changes to the site and escalate requirements to the project team.