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2nd Floor, 30 Park Street, London SE1 9EQ

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2nd Floor, 30 Park Street, London SE1 9EQ



An online shop delivering high quality ingredients and user experience.

Studio photograph of honey on a wooden spoon and a chocolate flapjack


Jenks Brands online shop


Jenks Brands is a family run snack company with a strong brand ethos, offering only the best quality natural ingredients with no palm oil. Their online shop was underperforming and our client found the admin usability restrictive. 

As such, the majority of sales were carried out face-to-face and the invoicing and accounting a manual process. Our aim was to simplify the online shop and make it more user friendly, whilst offering a fully automated admin system for sales and reporting.

Studio photo of energy bar with coconut pieces, chia seeds, and date pieces


It was important for us to understand the needs of our client and their customers, so much of the early process was spent gathering requirements for how the shop needs to work and how we could improve the current file manager system to avoid any manual work. Extensive research was carried out on ecommerce platform design and usability, and our designs were fully tested throughout the process. Our chosen technology platform was selected for its capabilities to support an ecommerce platform and integrate with third party applications whilst being secure, flexible and scalable.

We redesigned the logo and set out brand guidelines, while our photography partners captured both functional and visually attractive images for all of the products on the new shop. We worked with the delivery company to set up a direct connection to their ordering system from the website via secure API. Full requirements were gathered from the client for the back office functionality, ensuring we provided the invoicing and reporting capability. Prior to launch we undertook a vast import of data to ensure that the customer base was carried through to the new solution.

Final Product

The new Jenks Brands online shop is a modern, attractive and user friendly website. Visitors are guided through a clear journey from product selection through to payment and delivery. 

Existing Jenks customers are invited via email to access their new account, and the majority of business should now flow through the website and remove the need for manual fulfilment. 

The intuitive CMS allows Jenks Brands to set up flexible pricing, and supports marketing campaigns with eye-catching banners and discount code functionality. 

The final product provides a robust ecommerce solution for Jenks Brands, with seamless integration between orders, payments and delivery. The flexible set up allows our client to add, remove and edit content whenever they need to and everything they need is in one single place. 

Jenks online shop product page desktop view
Jenks Umbraco e-commerce shop online catalogue

Ongoing Support and Management

magLabs Digital are hosting and maintaining the site, ensuring our client's peace of mind. Our Digital Team supports the Jenks Brands team and spends time each month updating the site and making minor changes where required. We are always on hand to advise on digital marketing and to assess the success of the site.