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NBC New Media

Streamlining the process for creating the quarterly presentations, marketing NBCUniversal's upcoming releases.

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NBC New Media Presentation Tool


The NBC New Media team are responsible for the creation of the quarterly presentations marketing upcoming NBC Universal titles. The existing process involved obtaining content from multiple sources and customising each presentation based on the client’s territory and language. 

It was time consuming, resource heavy and often resulted in brand inconsistencies across distributed content. Our brief was to simplify content management and the creation of the quarterly presentations, ensuring distributed content was on-brand and consistent globally. 


Our solution was to create an online tool which allowed the New Media team to effectively manage the creation and distribution of their content across all territories from a centralised platform. The site would showcase all available titles, allow users to preview title information and generate customised presentations through a password protected user account.

The platform would hold territory specific content, with each user only having access to content pertinent to countries they had been given access to. The site would also be available in multiple languages, as it would be used globally. 

By creating a presentation template we could ensure all content being distributed was not only on-brand but that the branding was consistent across all territories. The technology was carefully considered to ensure users could generate their customised presentation within seconds.

Final Product

The online presentation tool streamlines the creation of quarterly presentations and the way the NBC Universal New Media team manages their content. We developed an on-brand, responsive, user friendly site with a clear user journey, allowing users to quickly and easily generate marketing presentations whether in the office or on the go. By creating password protected user accounts, users are able to see content specific to their assigned territories within their preferred language providing a personal, efficient experience. 

The site showcases all available titles and title information for their selected territory, allowing users to search for specific titles using the search feature or filter titles down by category and genre using the filter feature. They are then able to generate an on-brand, customised presentation, making selections by title, genre and/or category, or simply downloading all titles. 

We built a user friendly CMS so the team are able to upload content themselves. By creating a presentation template and centrally managing all content, the NBC New Media team can be confident branding is consistent and accurate, up to date information is being distributed across the globe to market all upcoming titles.