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2nd Floor, 30 Park Street, London SE1 9EQ

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2nd Floor, 30 Park Street, London SE1 9EQ



Rebranding and a site rebuild including a bespoke home page and innovative video formats for optimum performance across all devices.

Studio4 overhead photograph of bicycle


Photography Portfolio Website


Studio4 were rebranding and required a website rebuild. This was a collaborative project, utilising the capabilities of our sister companies in the Branded group to showcase the photography, motion graphics, CGI and retouching work of Studio4.

Studio4 image: Memorable imagery, to the power of four


The concept of ‘to the power of four’ was a radical change from the past, more conservative ‘grid style’ and necessitated innovative video and feature imagery creation.

A key consideration was to retain the integrity of the imagery without cropping or otherwise compromising in any way.

Based on the client's industry, they needed to ensure that the site would be optimised for every screen size: from mobile to 27inch iMac (as that was considered a device likely to be used by Creative Directors, their target audience). 

Final Product

A bespoke home page video was produced in-group with innovative video formats and coding that were undertaken to guarantee performance across all devices.

magLabs supported the relaunch with social media and html email communications.

There is a flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use CMS so that non-technical team members can regularly update the site.

We undertook a comprehensive training programme for the team and we continue to provide support under a bespoke arrangement that includes content uploading and website maintenance.

Studio4 website laptop view
Studio4 website mobile display