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An online portal featuring single sign-on technology to simplify the brand’s online experience for its members.

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VEKA Online Portal & Support


VEKA are the UK’s largest windows and door systems manufacturer, with a membership database of over 20,000 members consisting of tradesmen and window suppliers or all sizes.VEKA engaged with us as over time the business had created a mix of marketing and sales applications with multiple URLs and logins which were both confusing for their customers and time-consuming for VEKA to support. 

The VEKA team were also regularly contacted by members with a variety of questions and assistance requests which required a lot of their time. Our brief was to streamline the process for members to access all applications available to them and reduce the VEKA team’s daily interaction on admin related requests from members.



We designed and implemented a new solution to integrate all applications into one single sign-on solution, the VEKA Group Portal. An online portal to provide members access to all third party applications from one centralised platform. The system is intuitive and pre-determine VEKA member’s access rights, ensuring users are only able to view information they are authorised to.

The portal has been designed to be mobile first and includes a wide range of useful marketing information and tools for the user. Making the relevant information easily accessible for members and improving the online VEKA experience minimises the requests coming in to the VEKA team. 

Final Product

The online portal provides a central gateway to all VEKA third party applications. Single sign-on technology eliminates the need for multiple log-in credentials, enabling clients to access all relevant applications from one place, with one password. Each member is assigned to the relevant scheme ensuring they can only see the information and applications applicable to their respective scheme.  

The intuitive user journey, along with the on-brand design and single sign-on technology has enhanced the online VEKA experience for members and significantly reduced the number of daily enquiries coming in to the VEKA team.  

Ongoing Support and Management

As with many of our clients, we have an ongoing relationship with VEKA post-launch with continued support from the Account and Development team and are regularly updating portal features to ensure the portal continues to provide an optimal experience for members. Our Helpdesk team also provides technical support to users of the portal to further reduce inbound requests to VEKA. Their expertise ranges from supporting issues with log-in and forgotten password requests, to managing user permissions and registering new users.