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2nd Floor, 30 Park Street, London SE1 9EQ

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2nd Floor, 30 Park Street, London SE1 9EQ



Retailer website, design, build, hosting and maintenance. The creation of a new user experience to inspire convenience stores to maximise their wine sales.

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Retailer Website, Design, Build, Hosting & Maintenance


WineWise is a sub-brand of Concha Y Toro – the second largest and fastest growing wine supplier in the UK market. Their existing website was made to educate small retailers on how to sell wine proficiently, however it wasn’t engaging or giving value to the user. CyT needed a new and improved experience to guide convenience stores in maximising their sales.

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During the course of several workshops, we worked with the CyT team to define the goal for the site, the goal for the users, a hierarchy of information and KPIs to track success.

With all the key information established, we worked on the structure of the site, from the core area, taking in the content which provides the value, and the supporting areas (like the practical tools pages used by the retailers).

To build engagement with the users we built a 5 step gamified process. Using the ‘habit loop’ (trigger, routine, reward), this process gently brings the user through the learning journey, providing them with useful and practical knowledge that is immediately actionable. 

Final Product

Through the use of simple custom videos as well as quizzes and in-store actions, the user is kept engaged throughout the process.  

The site was delivered as a multi-language platform as many of their users are non-native English speakers. Using the latest analytics tools, the site also provides CyT with data insights into the world of convenience store owners and customers. This is useful for providing even better support and knowledge back to their retailers.

WineWise homepage laptop view
WineWise homepage mobile view